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Ubuntu Roots is a social enterprise dedicated to social and economic empowerment through the sale of single origin African products. Our focus is on supporting and funding clean water, mental health, fair trade, and small business development initiatives in the geographical areas where our products have their roots. By providing access for these products to new markets we hope to cultivate the interconnected sense of being, rooted in human kindness. We source products from single African regions and distribute them in the US market. By generating sales in new markets, we are able to invest in funding development initiatives in the communities from which we source our products. This creates a chain that equally distributes value among those involved.
The company was founded by Lulama Mabeta in 2015 with the help of two of his fellow countrymen. With a highly educated and experienced team, Ubuntu Roots aims to capitalize on the unrealized potential of African products. Through helping products reach their full potential in the US market, the company will generate sustainable streams of income, flowing back to where the products are produced. Ubuntu Roots currently focuses all its efforts on marketing Red Espresso, a leading tea brand in the South African market.